About Us

LaBine and Associates is a full service talent acquisition firm specializing in executive search for a myriad of industries.

Through our partnerships with experienced associates, we can also provide staffing support, expert consultants, and interim executives for your company’s needs. We have deep industry knowledge with understanding in multiple industries. Our specialists include experts in banking/finance, HR/Legal, Technology, Health Care, Life Sciences, Engineering, Energy, Supply Chain, Mining, Agribusiness and manufacturing.


We can alleviate your problems around hiring. Through our alliances with trusted professionals that are industry specialists in their fields, we can provide flexible and scalable solutions for your needs. Whether they are payrolling, interview services, contract recruiters, HR consultants, or interim executives, we can assist you with planning a solution that fits your needs.


We can introduce you to career coaches and resume writers to aid you through your professional growth goals!


Meet Laura

Chief Talent Officer, LaBine & Associates

I am a conduit for connecting leaders with the best talent to match their company’s unique DNA, the essence and value they bring to the marketplace.

I do what I do because hiring is critical, and most people do it badly. It is an overwhelming task that zaps productivity, distracts focus and risks bringing on bad hires.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

My secret sauce is seeing the essence and understanding people beyond their resume. I synthesize company needs and their culture beyond the job description. Reading between those lines is my value.

The leaders I serve DESERVE to focus on THEIR genius and grow their business. Let me help you by sharing MY genius

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