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Whenever I speak to candidates, one of the important topics is “what are you doing with your job search”?  It’s important to understand what phase you are in, and how committed you have been to the process.  It has been my experience that your level of organization around your job search will quickly translate into a great job offer.

  1. Keep track of everyone you speak with, and keep notes of the calls.  It’s very valuable to know that you spoke with the hiring manager two months ago when a headhunter calls and asks “have you been submitted to companyX?”.
  2. Keep a list of jobs / companies that you’ve submitted to.
  3. Follow up with people after you’ve spoken to them.  Do this for everyone that you’ve interviewed with, and those that may have introduced or referred you to someone.  This gesture of communication shows that you have the professional courtesy of follow through.
  4. Connect with your hiring manager on LinkedIn.  It’s good to build your professional network, but it’s more valuable to let that manager see your face pop up in their feed.  Let them know that you’re very serious about your career.
  5. Be sure to monitor your personal and professional brand on social media. Decision makers do take notice of how you represent yourself in the public, and will be making subconscious judgements.